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Industrial Services

From the practice for the practice:

We look at your production technology against a fair allowance and can recognize the weaknesses and potential cost savings based on over 30 years of experience.

We take care of your restructuring measures, accompany process engineering tests to the optimum result and prevent undesirable developments in expensive new investments.

We advocate LCIA - Low Cost Intelligent Automation:

We often see great cost potential for our customers when a high degree of automation does not pay off because the order sizes are too small and everything is therefore produced manually.
We were able to remedy this very often by simplified, mechanized work processes with inexpensive equipment.


- Use of IBC containers with powerful gear agitators instead of manually stirring small barrels.
- Use of frequency-controlled drives on old but solid machines. This means high energy efficiency and high machine utilization through variable and diverse use / different products.
- Use of simple platform trolleys in production and assembly instead of forklift traffic

There are very often similar weaknesses that are taken for granted and cost potentials are overlooked.

Discover the potential of your production and your existing means of production, even if they have been in use for many years.

Other services include:

- 3D CAD and FEM calculations
- Procurement of special machines and spare parts
- Evaluation of machines and plants
- Certified BDSF expert for machines and systems
- Rationalization projects / industrial engineering
- Technology advice
- Manufacturing setup

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